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Our European collective believes future business will be more and more open, connected and engaging, with communities changing the nature of how we interact with brands, products and other people. Recognizing the power of communities in modern marketing, our multidisciplinary thinkers build and feed the truths that gather audiences and resonate in the long term, creating efficient and culture-shaping work. In light of the impact of COVID-19, we believe this strategy to be more important than ever and the fastest, most potent accelerator for brand growth.

Our Paris office has been our European hub since 2009, pushing the boundaries of creativity and collaboration from one of the most beloved cultural capitals in the world. Our Parisian team brings an entrepreneurial and innovation-driven spirit to every step of the value chain, from innovation & transformation to advertising, digital platforms, creative production, experiential... Showcasing the best of new Parisian flair through our work and through our own actions (come visit us at the Sid Lee Gallery!), our obsession is building long-lasting effectiveness for advertisers, brands and institutions. We try to do this while paying special attention to kindness, humility and inclusivity, because that is probably the most fertile ground for great progress.

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